Construction Management SystemControl

Time, Cost And Quality For Your Construction Project From Inspection To Completion With Planning And Design

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Features Journey

Completing the work within specified time and budget .

Evolving a reputation for high quality workmanship.

Providing safe working construction  for staff for workers.

Taking sound decisions at lowest practical management level through delegation of authority.

Motivating people to give their best .

Creating an organization that work as a team.

More timely and accurate schedule progress.

Performance and trend analysis and attend clients need.

Communicate channel between supervisor and planning engineer.

SerpentCS Advantages

Clients, consultants, subcontractors and project managers can instantly share valuable information and the project budget can be tracked easily.

Phone and online support, unlimited ongoing training with other Co-construct users.

Provides a secure database for all information relating to the project.

Improves Business Growth and Development.

Documents relating to each project are stored within one single location, allowing important information to be accessed within seconds.

Having a Secure Construction Management System Means You Can Spend More Time Focused on Your Projects.

Complete the whole  projects on time and on budget.

How Construction Management System Works

For Your Business

Get a seamless and effective CMS by automatically scheduling orders based on procurement rules & quantity forecasts.
It combines project scheduling, project management, customer management, & service management in a single suite.
Web-based integrated approach to project management & customer management.
Manually edit all operations at any stage in the project.
Fully integrated with sales, purchases and inventory modules and programs to make construction resource planning accurate.
Define  routings and plan the working time and capacity of resources.
System allows users to remain apprised of all project changes and updates.
The customer management program provides customized buyer portals, contract management, and home configuration in one place.

Quickly identify resource requirements and ensure project meets delivery schedule.


The Co-construct subscription includes a dedicated implementation coach, custom branding to match the builders website.