Seamless Visa Management System

Odoo CMS - a big picture

 Offer a single platform for entire immigration needs.

 Provide a CRM integrated immigration system for easy visa processing.

 Secured Visa generation and payment system.

 Serves as Visa Immigration Lead Management Software.

 Offer convenience to the system users, that includes-

        - System Administrator

        - Visa Consultants

        - HR Team

        - Marketing Team

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Who Needs SerVisa

SerVisa System Is Built To Offer Convenience To The Immigration Team

SerVisa Features

Maintain Log Of All Immigration Steps Of Particular Customer  

Mass Mailing And Mass Messaging  

Detailed Reporting Of Each Client/Customer

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lead Management

Timesheet Management

HR Management

Accounting Management

Get Receipt & Invoice

SerVisa Functionalities & Working


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Dashboard (Customers)

Status of Processed Visa

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Immigration Application

Status of Processed Visa

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Built-in templates for Mass mailing