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ODDO fleet management is what helps to differentiate business from others. The ODDO FMS gives the distinct advantage of centralized management, superior modular architecture and seamless operations.

Benefits That We Are Serving At Your Service

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Vehicle Financing

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User Management

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Health & Safety Management

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Vehicle Maintenance

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Speed Management

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Vehicle Telemetric

Essential Features

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Fleet Inventory Tracking

Track an unlimited number of fleet vehicles and equipment.

ODOO FMS have user-definable fields for tracking additional equipment.

Manage all the descriptive details including model, serial number, and all of the critical business information.

Repair Maintenance

Maintenance and repair records are captured automatically.

Help you decide whether to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment.

The application logs and can schedule repairs for unexpected problems that drivers encounter.

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Preventative Maintenance

ODOO FMS makes it easy to see when an automobile, truck, or other piece of equipment is due for service.

Equipment due for service will be shaded "red," while equipment soon due for service will be shaded "yellow".

Get immediate assistance where your fleet stands at any given time.

History Recording

The software generates and repair maintenance history .

Establish the equipment’s cost effectiveness for company.

A wealth of history reports that can be used to analyze your history data over time.

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Fuel Tracking

System performs numerous fuel statistics calculations that show you trends in wear and abuse of your equipment.

System can also customize maintenance tracking software to track the types of information that are important and print detailed reports instantly.

Parts Inventory

Itemize parts used when recording any maintenance performed, and generate parts usage reports.

System has stock tracking capabilities along with inventory features, part associations, reorder notifications, and a built-in purchase order system.

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Work Orders

Automatically generate work orders for each piece of equipment based on this due maintenance.

The parts required to perform the maintenance will also be automatically included on the work order.

Without any tedious paperwork, get access to comprehensive work order summary, & detailed reports.

Flexible Reporting

Simple fleet listing reports to detailed periodical cost analysis reports, everything you need is included.

The report editor tool that lets you easily make adjustments to any of the stock reports included with Fleet Maintenance Pro.

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  • Maintain All Insurance Details & No Need Of GPS Devices.

  • Sales And Purchase Module Can Manage All The Transactions Of The Company.

  • Warehouse Department Can Track Stocks, Full Traceability And Accounting Easily.

  • Maintains A Complete Record Of The Driver Details Like Name, Driving License, Etc.

  • Accounting Module Can Meet All The Financial & Billing Needs Of The Company.

  • Necessary Documents Can Be Provided Digitally, Results In To Decreased Paper Storage Needs.

  • Configurable Master Data Including Vehicles, Service Templates, Service Tasks Etc Are Present In This System.